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Release The Potential Of Clio

Leverage Spring’s full suite of Applications and Reports not available on Clio.

Clio Bolt-On Apps

Reduce back-office headaches for your firm with Spring’s Clio Apps


Easy Cost Importer

Automatically syncs Hard Costs entered in Clio to QBO and updates QBO when Hard Costs are marked as paid in Clio.

Split Billing

Auto-calculates split billing amounts for multiple clients that are sharing billing responsibility for a matter.

Tax Calculation

Auto-applies the appropriate tax percentage when a bill is created.

LEDES Billing²

Automatically deliver a custom LEDES bill when bills are approved or modified in Clio.

Trust Request

Automatically creates Trust Requests in Clio when a trust balance is below the minimum threshold.

Global Text Snippets

Synchronized text snippets across all Clio users to ensure consistent data input.

Advanced Conflict Checks

Spring offers the ability to perform Universal Conflict Checks across the Clio platform.

Enhanced reporting for Clio

Find yourself manipulating native Clio reports in a series of complex spreadsheets? Let Spring do the work for you.

Business Intelligence

Originating Attorney

Summary report that captures monthly and YTD WIP, billed, collections, and write-offs by originating attorney.

Timekeeper Productivity

Summary report by timekeeper of daily billable and non-billable hours.

Matter Balances

Summary report of matter balances of WIP, draft, outstanding, and past due.

Trust Balances

Summary report by matter or client of trust balances.

KPI Summary

Summary report of KPI’s for your firm.

Other Custom Reports

Contact the Spring sales team for an assessment of your reporting needs.

Fee Allocation

Support for multiple originating attorneys and fee allocation calculations.

Custom Reports


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